I have been sharing my views on the direction of modern marketing and advertising and, as suspected, I am not the only one to identify the direction of travel. An avalanche of new technology is fundamentally changing the industry so marketers are having to adapt or face falling behind.

In my last email I recommended you check out The Economist Intelligence Unit report entitled The Rise of the Marketer. In case you haven’t got there yet, I have crammed what you need to know into an easy to digest infographic.

The report gives us an insight into the views of 478 CMO’s and marketing executives from across the globe. Its results are unlikely to surprise those of you who’ve been reading my emails.

They underline the importance of exploiting new technologies we have at our disposal and embracing the increasing reach of marketing departments. More is expected of marketers but they are increasingly able to deliver, and prove their worth through measurable results.

For the full picture use one of the links in this email to see my infographic. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel would be interested.

In my next email I’ll be exploring ‘Growth Hacking’, a recent phenomenon bred out of the start-up scene but with much broader applications across the wider marketing industry.