I hope you enjoyed last week’s look back into my experience with finding VC funding for a startup that I co-founded, ChannelFlip, right in the teeth of the Global Financial Crisis. This was my first experience in the startup world and whilst the learning curve was at times painfully steep the experience has proved invaluable in the years since, both when repeating the process on subsequent ventures I’ve been involved in such as Findly and when helping others get their funding.

My journey with ChannelFlip was an intense education and I was privileged to share it and learn from the two other co- founders; Wil Harris and Justin Gayner. We had a lot of fun and the day we sold the company to Shine Group, now part of News Corp, was bitter sweet.

I was in London recently and decided to take a trip down memory lane with Justin to get his perspective on our shared experience and I have packaged our chat in a podcast which you can listen to by clicking on one of the icons below.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.

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