As we come up to the festive season, I thought it was a good idea for my last post of 2015 to recap on the past year from the perspective of my blog. It has been interesting to get feedback from people on what they thought were the most interesting posts – by a quick count, the most popular were around venture capital and growth hacking. So here is an edited highlight of the most popular. I’ve also included 4 downloadable content pieces all of which are good for quotes and anecdotes over the grill with a refreshment in hand during the holidays.

Growth Hacker Marketing and why it’s changing marketing forever

Growth hacker marketing is the practice of baking marketing into the product, attracting the right people and providing the tools for them to become evangelists for you and being a growth hacker marketer requires a new skill set. Read more…

Finding a VC

Some tips for getting venture capital funding drawn from my experience doing just that with a video on demand startup in the UK during the Global Financial Crisis. Read more…

VCs – Part 2

This post is in response to a question many people have asked me – “when you do get a VC, how do you get the best out of them?” Read more…

Creating a Value Proposition

Why creating a value proposition is critical to business success and some advice on how to create yours. Read more…

Downloadable Guides:

Looking ahead I have two major projects for 2016 that I’ll be blogging about. One is a large piece of content I’ve been working on, the other is a software product.

Thank you so much for reading these posts – I really do appreciate your support.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you again in January.