I am proud to announce to you the publication of my first book, In The Groove.

It’s the result of months of toil and explores how lessons from jazz can be applied in business.  Jazz is built on 5 pillars – purpose and passion, listening and awareness, learning and preparation, good ideas coming from anywhere and improvisation – and it’s with this framework in mind that I explored how true improvisation, based on a solid grounding of knowledge and preparation is a successful model for business growth.


In The Groove became an Amazon ‘Best Seller’, most downloaded in the Business and Money free section, on its first day.


Please go and check out the book for yourself, and discover how the principles of jazz could benefit your business.

What I would really appreciate, is after you have read the book, please go back onto Amazon and write a short review. It would really help me with my Amazon rankings and also for other potential purchasers.