The Importance of Asking Questions in Business

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded or ordered a copy of my book, I really appreciate your support. If you enjoyed it please take a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon.If you haven’t had...Read More

Listening and Awareness in Business

What does it mean to “listen” in a business context? It means paying attention to what’s going on around you: to what your colleagues are doing, what your customers are doing, what’s...Read More

A look back at 2015

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VC’s – Part 2

 It was great to get feedback from many of you regarding my post on getting VC funding. A great many of your stories were aligned with my own and one of the most common questions was...Read More

Marketing automation: help or hindrance?

 At the start of 2013 things had really taken off with Findly. Now Private Equity funded, and deep into the product build, we had outgrown our small space in Palo Alto and graduated into the...Read More

Finding a VC

If I’m ever asked what one of the more stressful periods of my life was, I would have to say that raising funds for a business, that was in the nascent Video On Demand (VoD) sector, during the...Read More

SEO – and the tools to help master it

In recent posts I've been exploring the finer points of growth hacking and how it impacts on marketing and marketers. A few posts back I talked about how the marketer of tomorrow’s tools for...Read More