My passion is to create marketing programmes for SaaS companies, that work.

Companies that need to prosper on subscription based revenue are successful when the cost of customer acquisition, customer retention and customer churn are at the right levels.

Creating a programme of lead generation that engages through inspiring and helpful content, is key to help manage these metrics. Building a healthy sales pipeline is a core deliverable of mine.

I work with a hand-picked team of specialists, their skill set matched to the particular tasks.

Client Testimonials

Ian contributed a huge amount to our team. He helped us launch our first Android phone in the UK, Italy, Australia, India and Canada, all within 6 months. Ian’s experience of global marketing and his in-depth understanding of the telco markets helped us in a successful launch. He also brings a unique enthusiasm and calm to a team – two qualities that rarely go together – that makes him such a valuable asset. – Tom Mansbridge, Director, INQ Mobile

Ian created an insightful business strategy and an effective lead generation programme for us. – Vic Kimmel, Bright Technology

Ian identified and designed the advertiser funded programming model that propelled us to success. – Justin Gayner, Co-Founder, Channel Flip

Ian was key to a successful launch of our SaaS technology. – Jason Kerr, CTO Findly

Ian really helped us bring our brand to life. – Charles Buchwalter, CEO Symphony Advanced Media