My Story

My experiences across three exciting corporate and creative industries have led me to develop a reputation for engaging speeches at a wide range of events. From traditional television advertising to the current focus for marketing automation, I have developed my own personal and professional odyssey and travelled the world in the process.

Having worked with advertising legends like the Saatchi brothers; sold a new media company to the Murdochs, and shared the boardroom with Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley’s most clever minds, I bring a sense of ‘behind-the-scenes’ to the fore. Your audience gleans information from someone who has seen it all with his own eyes.

From shooting TV ads in the Moroccan desert, to signing rock stars for mobile brands, to joining a start up in Facebook’s original office to publishing books.

I am still at heart a ‘Kiwi Kid’, from New Zealand: a country where the culture is built upon being genuine, providing kind but straight-shooting advice. Where you can live as creatively and diversely as you please, but always remembering the roots from which you came: much like a strong business growing from sound foundations. Much like the beauty of jazz music: organised chaos makes for a compelling tale.

This, I believe makes for a story that I love to tell.

From the farm-gate to the Golden Gate…